Fire could rise as a serious problem that causes heavy loss of property and lives. Hence, Fire Suppression systems are essential in controlling and preventing the spread of fire. This system comprises various components which could detect, control, and suppress the pace of fire. These suppression systems could be an extra layer of protection to the buildings that could prevent the loss of lives. Every good conditioning fire suppression system is capable of detecting, controlling, and putting off the potential fire before the situation goes out of hand. So, a very well-planned and constructed building should have a fire suppression system to ensure the safety and security of the inhabitants and visitors. This article discusses, in brief, the fire suppression system, its types, and the importance and role of Tesla SafeTech in the installation of fire suppression systems.

What is a Fire Suppression System?

Fire Suppression Systems can be defined as a system that can detect, extinguish, and control the spread of fire inside buildings. This system could be of great assistance to the inhabitants and the properties from the devastating effects of fire. In emergencies, the suppression could be able to quickly act and prevent heavy damage to lives and possessions. When choosing fire suppression systems for buildings and homes, there are certainly important factors to consider. Some of them are the size of the area, which needs to be installed with a fire suppression system, local codes, and regulations for installation.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

There are various types of fire suppression systems available currently. They are Fire sprinkler systems, Fully automatic suppression systems, Fully automatic vehicle fire suppression systems, external water spray systems, manual vehicle fire suppression systems, chemical agent systems, and gaseous systems. Among those types, the fire sprinkler systems, in turn, include wet pipe, wet pipe antifreeze, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, electronic, foam water sprinkler, water spray, and water mist categories. The most commonly used types of fire suppression systems are

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Water mist systems

  • Clean agent systems

The persistence of fire depends on three elements which are oxygen, heat, and combustible materials. The usage of the fire suppression systems, like high-pressure water mist systems, cancel out the two elements out of the three, which are heat and oxygen.

How does the Fire Sprinkler System work?

Fire sprinklers are active fire protection devices that provide specific pressure and necessary water flowrate. The fire sprinklers are connected to the pipelines and the outlet end at the ceilings of buildings. Adequate pressure and flow rate are essential in that it controls the spreading of fire. The system has a bulb fitted to it which gets bursts when the temperature of the room exceeds the standard limit. Fire sprinklers were at first used in industries and factories alone. But now, they can be seen in many houses and commercial uses. So, primarily these sprinklers are designed in such a way that they could be able to automatically detect the fire and put it off at the right time.

Part of Tesla SafeTech in quality Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire suppression systems are active fire protection devices, so they should act properly and faster in times of emergencies.

  • This proper activation requires good maintenance and frequent inspection.

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Fire suppression systems could be installed at a wide range of prices. Fire sprinklers are available at affordable prices that are readily available for business firms, banks, schools, hospitals, and homes. So, equipping your workplace or home with fire suppression systems gives you the assurance of safety and security at times of emergencies. Tesla SafeTech assists in the installation and equipping of a fire protection system in your place.