Fire safety is a vital part of our day-to-day life, irrespective of the place we live. So, it becomes necessary to confirm whether our site is accessible with the basic things to put off the fire. The sources of fire can be anything like wood, pieces of paper, cooking oils, flammable gases like methane and propane, or metals like Magnesium and aluminium. Fire extinguishers are active fire protection devices that should be maintained and checked regularly for better usage. Or else, in emergencies, even if we have access to those putting off equipment, if there are no extinguishing agents filled inside them, they will be treated as idle. This article discusses the need and importance of refilling fire extinguishers deeply.

About Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be defined as a fire protection device that is filled with wet or dry chemicals that are capable of putting off a fire. Though this active fire protection device could be of no use when the situation gets out of hand, like fire touching ceilings, more smoke, or reaching hazardous chemicals. The initial stages of fire could be controlled with the fire extinguisher. It becomes mandatory for every building, including homes, offices, hospitals, workplaces, banks, etc., to have a fire extinguisher to ensure safety in emergency conditions. Also, there exist types of extinguishers that could be used based on the type of extinguishing or refilling agent and source of the fire. They are:

  • Water

  • Foam

  • CO2

  • Wet Chemical

  • Dry Powder

To make sure that you're totally protected, use the correct type of extinguisher for your home or place of work. It is preferable to have portable fire extinguishers which could be easily made accessible to areas under hazard.

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Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

Keeping a fire protection device is not going to help anyone. The key is to make regular inspections and maintenance of them. Some of the steps one could follow to keep better track of the conditions of fire extinguishers are given below:

  • Make sure that the extinguishers are placed in the right place, which can be accessed without any difficulties by everyone.

  • Check whether the extinguisher is filled and not left empty.

  • The mechanical parts of the extinguishers, filled materials, spillage, expelling ways, and the condition of the extinguishers should be maintained frequently.

  • The maintenance needs to be performed only by certified professionals.

  • Tesla SafeTech team of experts could take care of your place's extinguishers and give regular reports about their conditions.

  • It is necessary to maintain a record that consists of the information of the person who is under the maintenance of the extinguisher, the date of the last checkup, and the agency from which the agent comes.

Steps to using a Fire Extinguisher

The fact that ignorance and indifference in the usage of fire extinguishers have led to more spreading of fire, endangering lives and causing damage. The valuable lives and properties could be guarded within a few minutes of fire with the assistance of better knowledge of fire extinguisher usage.

  • Pull: In order to break the top seal, pull the pin on the top of the extinguisher. This pin could act as a testing device that blocks the handle from pressing. Now, check for the working condition of the extinguisher by using it away from the target and look for the pace of the stream.

  • Aim: After making sure of its working condition, aim the extinguisher towards the base of the fire to be put off.

  • Squeeze: Now, it's time for the handles. Squeeze the handles together to create an outlet for the extinguishing agent to work on the fire. By releasing the handles, you can stop the discharge of the extinguishing agent.

  • Sweep: For changing directions according to the raging of the fire, sweep the handles for focused discharge of the extinguishing agents.

There are centers for refilling the extinguishers. After the usage of the extinguishers, make sure you refill them with the respective extinguishing agent.

Why Choose Tesla SafeTech to Refilling Fire Extinguishes ?
  • The fire extinguisher refilling requires prior maintenance data like the date of filling and usage. This record of data will be perfectly looked after by Tesla SafeTech agents, with no data left out.

  • Our team of professionals could complete the refilling for your company or home with easy legal obligations.

  • Without better maintenance of extinguishers, no assistance could be expected from them. So, our agents could keep track of the extinguishers and inform your date of refilling and feed awareness about them.

  • You choose Tesla SafeTech because we deliver the services as faster as we can. So, you do not need to invest your time in waiting for a very long time.

  • Our team of workers is well-trained professionals who can handle critical situations at their best.

  • Reliable in extreme real-life fire-hazardous conditions.

Beyond every work in your workplace, it is necessary and safe to assign a professional for the maintenance and inspection of the fire extinguishers. These active fire protection devices should be taken good care of such that the probability of malfunctioning in emergencies will be low. So, never hesitate to contact professionals of Tesla SafeTech in the future when you're at the center of needing any technical assistance with fire extinguishers.