Fire extinguishers are an essential component of the "Safe and Security" arena in any place like home, offices, workplaces, etc., Because nobody can say certainly when and where accidents could occur. There should be preventive and precautionary measures established readily in all areas. Fire extinguishers could put off the fire, or at the minimum, they will limit the rage and damage due to fire. In emergencies, the knowledge of how to use the extinguishers effectively and safely ensures the surety of saving lives. This article can be an eye-opener for furnishing an idea about fire extinguishers and their safe way of usage and maintenance.

Why Fire Safety is important?

Fire safety includes the effort taken to reduce or neglect the probabilities of harm that a fire could cause. Fire safety education is so essential that, at critical times, it could help us safeguard ourselves and others. It is advisable to have at least a basic knowledge of the risks of fire and the harm caused to the human body and to the properties. The cause of the fire could be from any of the sources like oils, gases, or wooden items. So, accordingly, to the head of the fire, fire extinguishers should be used.

Precaution measures from Fire in your workplace

When considering the precautionary measures in a workplace, involve the prevention of workers, customers, visitors, and properties. There should be proper checking of the equipment and machinery for any electrical discharge. To educate all the inhabitants aware of the disaster, it would be better to conduct regular fire drills with the employers and employees. These small awareness creation acts could prevent many lives at times of hazard. In addition to that, everyone can be given a perfect sketch of how to act in emergencies. The fire prevention devices like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers should be kept under regular maintenance.

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Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Installations

  • Having fire extinguishers in the workplace or home could give you direct access to taking initial steps to put off or control the spreading fire.

  • The combustion could be put off sooner if we act faster.

  • Anyone who is in a situation to use a fire extinguisher need not be pro to handle them. It is easily done by a layman.

  • Fire extinguishers are portable to any place easily, and one can drag or carry them to critical areas.

  • The smoke that comes out of the fire could harm the inhabitants and give them a lack of breath.

  • This smoke, along with harm caused to living beings, is also not suitable for the environment, which could increase the greenhouse effect.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

There are four types of fire extinguishers available, and every class varies in its action according to the source of the fire. Depending on the type of materials that caught fire, the respective class of fire extinguishers must be used. The following list gives a clear view of the types of combustible materials and the type of extinguisher used. Class A: Fire caused by combustible items like wood, paper, textiles, etc.,
Class B: Fire caused by flammable liquids such as petroleum, oil, diesel, and paraffin.
Class C: Fire caused by flammable gases like methane, propane, and butane.
Class D: Fire caused by metals that could burn, such as Magnesium and aluminium.
Class E: Fire caused by electrical pieces of equipment such as an electric spark.
Class F: Fire caused by cooking oils and fats.

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No matter what the place is, every public space should have the fire extinguishers best suited for their respective surrounding. This not only acts as the first line of safety but also a precautionary activity that could safeguard a lot of property damage or even lives. So, everyone should have an awareness of having one in their place.