For a long time, fire hydrants have acted as indispensable tools for firefighters. This fire protection component is not only for the safety of a single business firm or home but for the general public. Fire hydrants play the role of giving the source of water to extinguish the fire. By planning out the area coverage, fire hydrants could be installed in workplaces, firms, or houses. Also, in the absence of regular maintenance and frequent inspection, hydrants could not be able to perform properly at times of need. This article aims to provide a clear view of fire hydrants, their usage, and the role of Tesla SafeTech in providing quality products.

Fire Protection through a Fire Hydrant

While planning out the infrastructure of the buildings, safety has an unavoidable aspect always. There's no exception for fire safety and security, where the building plan should cooperate with the constitution of a safe environment for the occupants and visitors. If these parts get an adjustment anywhere, it will lead to the rising of many severe problems like loss of lives and heavy property damage. In case of emergencies, a fire hydrant act as a valuable source for providing water to put off the fire and get the situation under control. Through the hydrants, the potential damages could be reduced. The fire hydrants are instant support for the firefighters by furnishing the needed resource for putting off the fire.

Purpose of Fire Hydrants in your workplace

The first and foremost activity for turning off the fire is to suppress the sources of combustion. Thereby, one can use fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, or fire sprinklers. The fire hydrants are simply a tube or pipes attached to a control valve that expels the water from the main source to the targeted area.
Safety: The major purpose of fire hydrants is to be a source of water in emergencies and to ensure the safety of the public. So, in simpler terms, it is an above-ground pump from which the firefighters could get easy access to water whenever it is needed the most.
Steady flow: The fire hydrants have the capability to provide a steady flow of water for the firefighters when compared to other sources of water and the way it gets delivered.
Testing: Apart from fire safety, these hydrants are used for checking the hydraulic capacity of the distribution system.

Types of the Fire Hydrants

There are two types of fire hydrants - Dry and Wet barrel hydrants.

  • Dry Barrel Hydrants: The Dry Barrel Hydrants store the water below the ground rather than closer to the surface to prevent freezing of water. This kind of dry hydrant is spotted more in cold regions where the underground temperature will be higher when compared with the surface temperature.

  • Wet Barrel Hydrants: In the case of wet barrel hydrants, the water is stored close to the surface. It is more used in areas where there is no problem of freezing water.

How Tesla SafeTech stands on Top in giving Quality Fire Hydrants?
  • The installation requires a proper plan because there should be enough area coverage between one hydrant and the other.

  • Our team of professionals is well-aware of the conditions and could trace out the areas precisely and install them with no effort.

  • Without proper maintenance, the existence of hydrants in workplaces could be of no use. Hence, there would be regular inspections and checks done by our team of professionals.

  • Tesla SafeTech has the best-certified engineers who have a wide range of knowledge of the issues.

  • Reliable in extreme real-life fire situations

Fire hydrants are public fire safety tools that could be very useful in streets, offices, parks, schools, banks, hospitals, etc. With given regular maintenance and proper care, they will be the prior tool for the firefighters in controlling the spread of fire. By following the local fire codes, the fire hydrants ensure the safety and security of occupants and also the general public. So, get ready to install a fire protective component in your workplace and home through the best service - Tesla SafeTech.